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Character Education

Developing Cultural Capital At Newlands

The Prince William Award was launched on 1 March 2017 by Prince William. It is a character and resilience award programme for children aged 6–14 and the first such award programme in William's name.

The award is delivered in partnership with schools across the UK and is delivered at four different levels: Pioneer, Explorer, Trailblazer and Voyager, each appropriate for a broad age range. The levels explore 5 key themes and 28 guiding principles.

The five key themes are:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Relationships
  3. Working together
  4. Community
  5. Environment

The characteristics and behaviours are what the programme encourages participants to consider, develop and draw upon.


Our year 5 children were chosen to complete this award and had so received amazing opportunities to develop their characters, attitudes and learning powers from this programme. 

Our children enjoyed their weekly sessions and had to work hard to achieve they key objectives to achieve their certificate at the end of the year course. 

The children worked with our infant school and taught them team games to build their cooperation, 

The children also visited a local care home where they baked cakes, played games and made crafts with the residents and talked to them about their childhood.

Through the programme, our year fives learned valuable life skills to help them in all of their endeavours.