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Health and Well-being

At Newlands Junior School, we take the emotional health and well-being of our pupils and their families very seriously. We have a supportive and caring ethos, our approach is respectful, and kind, where our open culture allows all voices to be heard and all contributions are valued. At our school, we know that everyone experiences challenges that can make us vulnerable and at times, anyone may need additional emotional support. We take the view that positive mental health is everybody’s business and that we all have a role to play. All of this ensures that our school is a safe, supportive environment for everyone. Here are a few helpful websites and/or phone numbers that will provide you with information, if you ever feel that you need help or advice, or just need to speak to someone:

NSPCC 0808 800 5000

Young Minds (Time to Change)

Parent’s helpline: 0808 802 5544

Childline 0800 1111

Take 5 Breathing at Home

We have the opportunity to take part in ‘Virtual Take Five’, at school Take Five breathing is part of our daily routine and we find that it helps the children greatly. We would love you to have a go, either with your children or show the virtual session to them so they can participate.
You could try it before work, after a break or after lunch- make it part of your daily routine!
You have been offered access to these films to support you because we are a ‘Take Five’ Licenced school, which means we have agreed that these practices are only for use by Newlands school pupils and their families – they MUST not be shared, forwarded etc.

You will receive a code via text which you must use to access the virtual breathing film for this week 😊
Hope you all enjoy joining in 😊❤️

Colour breathing-

Shake it off breathing-

Titanic breathing-

Please be aware of the following services should you need any help or advice:

  • Parentline 07520 619919 – Healthy Family Teams confidential texting service to provide parents and carers advice around feeding, child development, parenting advice and support, emotional health and wellbeing, behaviour difficulties and family health.
  • Chat Health 07507 329952 - this is a confidential texting service for 11 to 19 year olds in Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. 
  • ChildLine 0800 1111   
  • Kooth - - this is an online counselling service.
  • Health4teens - - this is an NHS site supporting young people around emotional wellbeing.
  • Health4kids – – this is an NHS site supporting young children and parents.
  • Notts Help Yourself – – this is a site for advice, information and local services available.
  • CAMHS crisis team  - Tel 01158542299 or 01158440560 or email
  • Young Minds –
Children may be asking many questions at this time. The attached book helps to answer some of their questions. The Nosy Crow website also has other useful publications.

Each Amazing Breath - Take Five


Each Amazing Breath helps students, staff, parents, and schools build resilience, to meet needs, and to thrive in their own lives. We foster embodied capacity with family, self, work, and community.


At Newlands we are going to begin the ambassador training when back at school, so it will be led by children who have already applied for their ambassador role stating why they wanted to become an ambassador and how each amazing breath has helped them, how and when they use it and how it makes them feel. 

Until now, it has been led by teachers and enjoyed twice a day by staff and students after play times and lunch times to prepare themselves for their learning however children may choose to take 5 and practice each amazing breath at times when they feel they need it throughout the day. Some of our children also use their favourite breathing practices at home :)


The each amazing breath team are currently trying to secure funding so they can create links to practices that they are leading. Thus, children and families can continue to use take five.


Hello Yellow Day and Time to Talk 2020