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Methodist club




The ‘Methodist Club’ is the nickname of a club that has been running in the school for a number of years.  The actual name is Fun mania and was chosen by the first children to attend the club. 

The nickname comes from the fact that the club is run by a team from the Methodist Church.

We meet on a Tuesday afternoon after school and take part in a range of activities.  Each week has a mixture of games, chat and craft, all linked into a Bible story.  This year, our overall theme is ‘An Adventure in Time and Space With God’.  This term, our crafts have included making edible snakes, wooden jewellery and key rings, and collages.

The team of helpers is led by Alan Darlington who splits his time between teaching maths and working for the Methodist Church.  His church role involves him leading assemblies, taking RE lessons and running special events in local schools as well as work with Messy Churches and uniformed groups in the area.