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Take 5 breathing at Home

We continue to have the opportunity to take part in ‘Virtual Take Five’.  At school Take Five breathing is part of our daily routine and we find that it helps the children greatly. We would love you to have a go, either with your children or show the virtual session to them so they can participate.  You could try it before work, after a break or after lunch- make it part of your daily routine!
**Important** We can access these films to support you because we are a ‘Take Five’ licenced school, which means we have agreed that these practices are only for use by Newlands school pupils and their families – they MUST not be shared, forwarded etc.

The code you received via text for last week is also the code you need to access the virtual breathing film this week 😊
Hope you all continue to enjoy joining in 😊❤️

Snowflake breathing practice (child led) -

Grounding breathing practice -

Painting breathing practice -