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Year 4

We have had an amazing time during Science Week in Year 4!


We started the week learning about States of Matter and learning about the processes involved in changing states from a solid to a liquid to a gas and vice versa. Our practical enquiry involved investigating the rate at which different liquids melt. The liquids we froze were: water, lemonade, orange squash, tomato ketchup, olive oil and milk. We found that water and orange squash took the longest to melt, whereas the olive oil and tomato ketchup were the quickest to melt. 


We then went on to explore what would make a great robo-bug, using the current mission to Mars (Perseverance) as a stimulus. We identified a range of different features from various insects which could be used to develop and design a robo-bug to meet a specific purpose (construction, search and rescue, exploration and defence). These were then used to create our own robo-bug designs which we then created a clay model of.

States of matter


Finding features