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PE Intent, Implementation and Impact statement

Sticky Knowledge

Personal Challenge at Newlands

The Daily Mile

At lunchtime, the children take part in 'The Daily Mile', which gives them the opportunity to run, jog or walk for 1 mile/15 minutes. This is a chance for them to challenge themselves personally so that their performance and fitness improves over time. 


Each day, the children (each having their own skipping rope) skip for 2 minutes either in the hall or outside in the playground. Once a week, they skip in pairs to peer-assess their performance by counting and recording their scores. The children really enjoy their skipping, which gives them the opportunity to challenge themselves to beat their personal best. Effort and achievements are rewarded in our Friday Celebration Assembly.

The Beep Test

The Beep test is carried out 4 times a year in order to assess the children's fitness. As well as being a useful assessment tool, the children really enjoy the chance to push themselves to the limit so that they can beat their personal best - which they usually do!

The 30 Active Minutes

Through-out the school day, each class engages in '30 Active Minute' activities, which enables them to take a short, active break from their learning. These activities are designed to rejuvenate the children so that they are able to re-focus more positively on the learning in hand. They include an exciting mix of dance routines, times tables moves, playing a game of 'Simon Says', experiencing a Go-Pro virtual mountain bike trail plus  beanbag games and laps of the playground circuit - the list is endless!  

Our 'Active' Curriculum

English - Relative Clauses

In Year 5, we first of all played a throwing and catching game, whilst, simultaneously, building sentences that contained relative clauses. After that,we also played a 'Running Relay' Quiz in teams, which involved constructing sentences that contained embedded relative clauses.

English - Co-ordinating and Sub-ordinating Conjunctions

In Year 5, we reinforced the 'FANBOYS' co-ordinating conjunctions, by playing the 'Stand up, Sit down'  game. Afterwards, working in groups, we sorted conjunctions into sub-ordinating or co-ordinating. It got very competitive as each group timed themselves, trying to beat their personal best.

PE - Body Combat Dancing

Year 4 enjoy their last dance session with Coach Clare.

English - Informal and Formal Language

Year 6 in action as they sort statements into personal and impersonal.

Personal Sporting Achievements

Sporting Memories and Achievements during 2021 - 2022

On Friday 12th November, Year 6 visited Mansfield Tennis Club as a 'grand finale' to our 6 weeks tennis unit, within school, taught by Gareth, a coach from the club. We extended our skills further and had a thoroughly enjoyable time playing on proper courts. We were lucky enough to meet Ben Bradley, who had come to take a look at the new facilities at the club.

Sporting Events through-out 2019 -2020

Cross Country, October 9th 2019

On Wednesday 9th October, a small group of Year 5/6 children travelled to Manor Sports Complex to compete against other schools in a Cross Country Tournament. Well done to all those who took part as they showed a tremendous team spirit. Our Newlands' learning powers were on show as everyone demonstrated great perseverance, resilience and commitment. A special mention must go to Riley Buchanan, who finished in 11th place, thus qualifying for the County Championships in February - well done.

Jingle Jog, November 27th 2019

On Wednesday November 27th, the whole of Year 4, joined by hundreds of children from other schools, enjoyed jogging through Sherwood Pines wearing Santa hats - who wouldn't! The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and despite the cold, muddy conditions had a wonderful time. (See the Gallery Page for photos)

Mullti-Skills Tournament, November 26th 2019

On Tuesday 26th November, nine children from Years 3,4 and 5 visited West Notts College to compete against other schools in a Multi-Skills Competition. They had a wonderful time, showed tremendous team spirit and tried their best in all the activities - curling being their favourite. Mr Emmerson and Mrs Jackson were very proud of their performances, behaviour and respect for others. Well Done!

​​​​​​Sports Crew Training, January 21st 2020

On Tuesday 21st January, eight eager, enthusiastic children from Year 5 began their Sport's Crew training at West Notts College. They took it very seriously and the feed-back from the training staff was very complimentary with regard to the children's listening skills,teamwork and enthusiasm. They should be very proud of themselves as they were a credit to Newlands.

Sportshall Athletics, January 22nd 2020

On Wednesday January 22nd, a large group of Year 5/6 children travelled to Queen Elizabeth's Academy to compete against other schools in an Athletics Tournament. The children took part in a variety of running, jumping and throwing activities and did so in style! Well Done to everyone who took part and for showing such team spirit. 

Sportshall Athletics, February 12th 2020

On Wednesday 12th February, a group of Year 3/4 children took part in an Athletics Tournament at Queen Elizabeth's Academy.They engaged in a variety of running, throwing and jumping events, competing against other local schools. For many it was their first experience of such competition and they performed admirably.

Multi-Sports March 10th 2020

On Tuesday 10th March, ten children from Year 4 and 5 visited West Notts College to compete against other schools in a multi-sports tournament. A great time was had by all and, yet again, our children did us proud. They particularly enjoyed the sitting down 'volleyball' type activity, which was a first!