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Science Subject Policy

Science Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Whole School Sticky Knowledge

WOW Investigations

Working Scientifically

Conducting a Scientific Enquiry

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During Science Week (9th-15th March 2020) all year groups had an exciting investigation- Rocket Mice. Each year group focused on a different variable:

  • Year 3- Does the size of the ears or tail affect the distance the mouse travels? 

  • Year 4- Does hitting the bottle in different ways affect the distance the mouse travels? 

  • Year 5- Does the material of the mouse affect the distance the mouse travels?

  • Year 6- Gathered ideas and developed their own line of enquiry independently.


All year groups were then asked to record and share their data demonstrating and following working scientifically objectives. Parents and carers were invited in at the end of the week to see all the children's fabulous scientific enquiry skills.


Earth and Space 

Living Things and Their Habitats 

Animals Including Humans

Science Club 


During the Spring Term, Miss McKay our Science lead, launched a Science Club for members of Year 4 and Year 5. 


Her fellow scientists conducted many investigations, whilst exploring WOW activities which developed their curiosity about the natural world. 


Some of these fabulous investigations included: 

  • Who can make the strongest structure? How many building cubes can it hold?

  • Can we fit through a piece of paper? 

  • Does the size of the  gyrocopter effect how many times it spins or how long it takes to fall to the floor?

  • Which boat can hold the most building cubes?



AND the messiest, but most enjoyable of all- MAKING CORNFLOUR SLIME. 

Cornflour slime is also known as a Non-Newtonian liquid. This means it changes states between a solid and liquid depending on the pressure you apply. If you apply pressure to the mixture it will stiffen and become a solid, but leave this on your hands and it will melt away like ice cream!


Websites and Resources 

Links for Children and Parents 


Games and Apps

Places to Visit 

National Science Museum- London


National Science and Media Museum - Bradford


National Science and Industry Museum - Manchester


Magna- Rotherham


Yorkshire Wildlife Park

A fantastic place to learning about living things and the habitats they live in. The keepers have a fantastic knowledge about animals and hold regular talks throughout the day where you can learn more information.


Eureka- Halifax

A fantastic place to explore Science and generate a love and curiosity for the natural world. They also have some incredible workshops.

Books to Read


Take a trip to the website above and explore some fabulous Science related books which link to all topics.

Making Homes for Nature

Below are some ideas for making your own wildlife sanctuary at home from the RSPB.  

Make sure you get an adult to look at the instructions with you before you start and help you.