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We are Proud


Our School's awards:

As a school we achieved our Accreditation and Certified Online Safety School Certificate for 2019 and onwards by completing staff CPD and online courses in online safety and awareness to help us as a school community to implement an effective approach to online safety. Designed by education professionals, the course was designed to meet the statutory online safety safeguarding duties outlined in the Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) September 2019 guidance. Our staff use the NOS resources in online safety lessons to teach our children about - self image and identity, online relationships, online reputation, online bullying, managing online information, health, well-being and lifestyle, privacy and security and copyright & ownership.

At Newlands we aim to help our children and young people to grow healthily, safely and responsibly. Through the healthy schools tool kit we have built upon the underlying principles of the English National Healthy School Programme.


We demonstrate that the health and wellbeing of the children and young people in our care are well catered for by focusing on the following four areas:

  • PSHE including 'Relationships and Sex Education' and 'Drug Education’
  • Healthy Eating 
  • Physical Activity 
  • Emotional Health and Well-being                                                                                                                                                  

Our successes at Newlands that support our Healthy Schools status include;

  • Curriculum - cookery, PSHE, SRE
  • Food forum - working with NCC to develop our school menu with dishes that have been developed from our pupils views.
  • Daily Mile
  • Skip to be fit 
  • Our extensive of extra-curricular sports opportunities
  • Young Voices
  • School Council
  • Sports Crew
  • Kindness Crew
  • Digital Leaders

School Games Mark Award

In 2018-2019 we achieved the Silver School Games Award. In order to achieve this we had to prioritise PE throughout the school in a variety of ways:  

 * we had to commit to providing 2 hours of PE, school sport and physical activity per week, which we achieved during curriculum lessons and lunchtime activities.                                                                                                                                     * engage at least 35% of pupils in extracurricular sporting and physical activities, which we did through our extensive ‘active’ after school clubs                                                                                                                                   

 * provide targeted provision for the least active people in our school and  encourage at least 10% of these people to take up some physical activity, which we did through the running of a ‘Change4Life’ after school club and involvement in external events (Inspire Multi-skills tournament at West Notts College and a Festival at Sherwood Pines.                                                                                 

* provide the children with 1 opportunity for personal challenge, which we did with our skip2bfit initiative                                                                                               

 * organise 6 intra-school sports competitions, which included class v class competitions, a ‘whole school’ Potted Sports event and a School Sports Day                          

* involve ourselves in 4 inter school sports events competing against other schools ie Cross Country Event, Sportshall Athletic Competitions for Year ¾ and Year 5/6, Inspire Multi-Skills Competitions and The ChangeLife Festival at Sherwood Pines                                                                                                                        

*promote the School Sporting Activities to parents and the community, which we did via our newsletters and our PE display board in the hall.                                                                                                                                             

 * engage 10% of students in leading and officiating sporting activities in school, which we did via the use of our ‘Sports Crew’ and ‘Year 6 Sports Leaders’                    

* use sports coaches to support school sport, which we did in dance, squash, basketball, handball, tennis and hockey                                                                               

 * develop active links with sporting activities in the local community, which we did through our links with Mansfield Rugby Club and  Mansfield Lawn Tennis Club


In 2019 -2020 we continued to do all the above but we were going for GOLD so we had to develop ourselves even further.

* provide 2hrs of timetabled PE alone                                                                                      

* engage 50% of our children in extra curricular activities                                                             

 * Identify 15% of our least active children and endeavour to engage them in physical activity                               

* provide 2 areas of personal challenge, which we were doing with Skip2bfit and The Daily Mile                                          * run 8 intra school competitions                                                                                                         

* enter 6 inter school external competitions                                                                    

*engage 15% of pupils in leadership roles                                                                           

* utilise sports coaches                                                                                                                  

* keep parents and the community informed and involved 

* further develop links with sporting clubs in the community


WE were on track with all of these but due to School Closure, the award has been paused for this year. This means that we will retain our Silver Status for 2019-2020 and hopefully strive for GOLD in 2020-2021

We achieved the international school award by embedding international work into our school's curriculum, making it a part of our schools culture.

The programme supported us to foster an international ethos throughout the school and embed it within our curriculum.

When planning our new topic curriculum, we considered famous people and influences that cover many different backgrounds and cultures for our children to study and learn from. 

We participated in a Diversity week, whereby all year groups looked at a different area of diversity - disabilities, LGBT, cultures and gender.

Across the year groups, we had a send my child to school week whereby we each looked at a different country and culture. The children enjoyed learning about different school days and comparing their school day to ours. 

We have achieved the WAS award (Wellbeing Award for Schools) which is intended to promote emotional wellbeing and mental health across our school. We are committed to ensuring our school is a place that supports emotional wellbeing and support by improving mental health provision for all pupils and staff. The Wellbeing Award for Schools focuses on changing the long-term culture of our whole school. Using an evidence-based framework to aid change, it will help us deliver staff and pupil wellbeing, review our staff training and revise our policies. This award will ensure that mental health and wellbeing sits at the heart of our school life. Please see the page bellow for full details of our wellbeing journey. 
I am pleased to inform you that Newlands Junior School has been awarded a Quality Mark Award for English and mathematics in recognition of its improving provision, practice and performance. This Quality Mark is awarded for three years and shows how the work that Newlands has implemented in English and mathematics has had a positive impact on pupil progress.