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Staff - Who's Who?

Head Teacher Mrs Castledine


As head teacher, my aim is to provide a school where everyone feels welcome and children enjoy coming.

I am passionate about providing a wide range of learning experiences and opportunities which will develop the whole child. I aim for every child to leave with high standards of English and Maths, but just as important to me is the focus on character education. I strive to understand every child and develop their confidence, communication skills and resilience which they will need throughout their lives. I am proud of every pupil attending Newlands and also want to feel this pride for children when they are out of school and are responsible for their own actions. 

As a child my favourite subject was English and I always led this subject as a teacher. I am a total workaholic and very competitive which means I always want me, my staff, pupils and community to be the very best. I love reading, which I do every day, walking my dog Lola and spending time with my family who mean the world to me. I enjoy going on holiday, my favourite place being Thailand where I was able to care for elephants in a sanctuary for the day. I am a happy, positive person and if you asked anyone about me I can guarantee they will all say I love chocolate and chocolate cake. 



Teaching Staff

Year 3

Class 1 Ms Elliott Assistant Head, SENCo, Well-being lead

I am lucky enough to have been at Newlands for 14 wonderful years!

During this time, I have taught every year group in school. This has given me an in-depth understanding of the journey our children undertake, from the day they join us in Y3, to the day we say a tearful goodbye in Y6.

I asked the children in my current class to describe me and they said I am always smiling, funny, friendly, caring, strict when I need to be and a little bit nutty!

They also said that I love cake (which I do!)!

In my role as Assistant Head, I am responsible for Y3/4, Pupil Premium Funding, Wellbeing (for children and staff) and SEN. I work closely with Mrs Matthews (Y5/6 Assistant Head) to monitor data across the school for SEN and PP children, as well as any other jobs that come my way (of which there are many!).

I am extremely organised and like everything around me to be orderly, (You can often find me measuring displays in my classroom to make sure the work I have put up is straight!). I can sometimes be a little bossy and am known around school for being very honest with everyone (sometimes too honest!). I like to nurture those around me and people find me very approachable and easy to talk to - it is my firm belief that a problem shared is a problem halved.

I absolutely love teaching and have recently made the decision to become SENCo – a role that numerous colleagues have told me I was born to do! I am passionate about ensuring that every child in our school, irrespective of their individual challenges, has the opportunities to access and engage in a full, exciting curriculum, which will develop them into responsible citizens in future years. I constantly instil in the children their right to be whomever they choose to be and to be proud of themselves – they are unique!

Away from school, I am a mum to 2 wonderful children (not so little anymore!) and a granny to 4 amazing little people, who are my world. I love walking in the Peak District, meeting friends for meals out as well as reading and gardening.


Miss Peck

Hi everyone! I’m new to Newlands, although this is my eighth year teaching. I always wanted to be a teacher from a very young age and I absolutely love my job! I’m passionate about engaging children in learning and provoking their sense of curiosity. I’m very positive and like to have fun with the children (although I’m sure they would say I can be strict when I need to be!). You’ll find me teaching in year 3, which is also new to me as I’ve previously taught in years 4 and 5. My favourite subjects to teach are maths, P.E and history. I also love doing anything hands on and practical, such as investigations in Science.

I have a little boy called Jonah, who is one. In my spare time I’m usually at the farm, the park or somewhere fun with him. He keeps me very busy and definitely keeps me on my toes! I also enjoy paddle-boarding, travelling and anything outdoors and active- I like an adventure!


Class 2 Miss Jones

I have been at Newlands for the last 3 years and I have been teaching for 7 years. At my last school I taught from Foundation to Year 3 and even though I did love teaching the little ones, I think year 3 is my favourite year group to teach. I always loved school as a child and I wanted to be a primary school teacher from a very young age. I had some amazing teachers when I was at school, my first favourite teacher was in year 1 and I remember her so well and how much she encouraged my love for learning and school life in general (I have a lot to thank her for). I only have good memories from my time at primary school and hope to provide children with the same positive start and a love for learning that continues into their adult life.

As a year 3 teacher I think you really get to see the children grow and mature from an infant to junior school pupil. Year 3 is their first year at Newlands and a fresh start for some children. They have lots to learn regarding our rules and expectations and it is important for me, as their teacher, to make sure they are settled and ready to learn.

I am a positive, caring and passionate person. I love working with children and I believe every child deserves the best possible chance to a good education and opportunities when they leave school. I encourage children to always try their best and to believe in themselves no matter how difficult something may appear; they can do it.

Away from school, I live with my husband and we have a little boy and a cockapoo called Teddy. We love long walks and the outdoors. As I only work part time at the moment it means I have lots of time to spend with them and we regularly go for days out. We love family holidays in England and abroad and we can’t wait to travel and see more of the world.


Miss Redman


I am new to Newlands Junior School and I am really excited about joining the team and the year ahead. I have been working in KS2 for 16 years and have taught in all year groups, but my favourite is lower school as I really enjoy how imaginative the children are and their thirst to learn and understand the world around them. Everything is magical at that age!

I am a very caring and positive person and genuinely believe that children can be whoever they strive to be and I am committed to helping young people achieve their goals.

I really enjoy art and geography and love learning about different cultures around the world. Outside of school, I love spending time with my amazing family and our peculiar cat, Norman. I enjoy photography and being in the countryside- I am always dragging my two children to the Peak District, which they moan about a lot, but I think secretly enjoy! Some of my family are Spanish so I am lucky to spend a lot of time (pre-Covid) in Mallorca during the holidays where I also like to take lots of photographs!


T.A.  Mr Redford


Hello! I’ve been at Newlands for just over a year now and you can find me in Year 3. I have been a Teaching Assistant for 3 years now, and as I am at the start of my career, I am very fortunate to work with so many amazing, supportive and inspiring colleagues every day! My favourite subject is Maths as I love to help our children practice and learn their times tables, which can then help them further in their maths work. I am really appreciative to be a member of Newlands Junior School, and would not want to work with a more amazing group of people than here! 

Outside of school, I am a massive fan of Ice Hockey, in particular, The Nottingham Panthers, who I go and watch every weekend during the school year. I love to travel around the country to watch the Panthers: I’ve been to Sheffield, Coventry and even over the sea to Belfast!  I also love to read and go on holiday to Norfolk and Portugal too.


T.A Mrs Davies

Hi, I am new to the Newlands team as of September and have joined the wonderful team in year three. I have worked as a TA now for fourteen years.

I love working with children and watching them progress in both their work and seeing their confidence blossom. This helps them to really enjoy their learning and develops enthusiasm. Teaching phonics and reading are my favourite subjects to teach. I love sharing the joy of reading with the children and helping them read new words to enhance their vocabulary.

Outside of school, I spend lots of time in the outdoors – walking. I have recently completed a 26-mile hike for McMillan cancer support.


Year 4

Class 3  Mr Robinson

Around 6 years ago, I was fortunate enough to have realised and achieved my dream of becoming a Primary School Teacher, which to this day is still my most proud moment. I love being in the classroom, surrounded by my wonderful class and having the most fun we can possibly have!

‘We Are Proud’ is our school’s motto and I most definitely am, each and every day, from the moment I see those little, cheeky smiling faces in the morning, to the time I say goodbye to the more tired and worn-out looking little, cheeky smiling faces in the afternoon J. I love to promote an incredibly competitive classroom, as I am often found challenging my children to a gung-ho game of dodgeball as well as testing our multiplication knowledge in a thrilling times table shoot out (most of the time I don’t win). I am very honoured to call myself a teacher at Newlands, a feeling which helps the early mornings feel less early, and even more honoured to share a learning environment with such witty, well-humoured and unquestionably magnificent little learners.

Outside of school, I enjoy many different sports, including football (unfortunately, I’m an Arsenal fan) and boxing whilst looking after the world’s most affectionate dog also takes up most of my time. 


Class 4  Miss McKay

I have been teaching 5 years and I’m entering my third year at Newlands Junior School in September. I cannot believe how fast it has gone!
I am passionate about Science and Maths, which is why I lead these subjects in school. Science is all around us and I truly believe it is up to us to develop children’s natural curiosity about the world which surrounds them. We have an aim for all children to achieve high standards in Maths when they leave Newlands. Maths allows growth within the school, enhancing and nurturing our core values and supporting character education. 
Outside of school I love spending time with my cat Snowy, reading, seeing my family and friends and watching football whenever I can! 
I am a very happy, positive person who has lots of creative ideas and the sorting hat places me in Gryffindor!


T.A.  Miss Dawes

I have worked at Newlands for 4 and a half years now where I started as a playleader. I then went onto being a SEN support TA which enabled me to work throughout all the year groups in school. Currently, you’ll find me as a TA in year 4. I have also recently qualified as a Drawing and Talking Practitioner and look forward to using this new skill throughout school. I am very passionate about my job, helping the children to develop and grow and to do the best that they can do during their time at Newlands.

I believe a smile is contagious therefore it’s important to spread it throughout the school -  so you’ll always find me with a smile on my face come rain or shine! I absolutely love my job at Newlands and can honestly say I can’t ever imagine wanting to work elsewhere! 
Outside of school, I love to socialise with family and friends, making lots of new memories. I also love to be in the garden with my son but I’m absolutely rubbish at gardening so you’ll find me relaxing, chilling and reading!


T.A Mrs Brewer

Hi, I'm new to Newlands this year, although I have worked as a T.A. for the last sixteen years. I have previously worked from Foundation One to Y2. So working with junior children is a new challenge I am very much looking forward to.

 I am a positive person who loves having a laugh, but I take my job very seriously. I feel I am there to support the children in their learning and am never happier than when a child finally gets that 'YES' moment with something they have been struggling with.

My new job has been great so far working with the fantastic Y4 team. The children in Y4 are super too, so well behaved, hardworking and polite.

I'm a very sociable person and spending time with friends is very important to me.

At home with my family, I enjoy cooking, reading and watching tv. But my favourite thing to do is be out walking with our super cute little Jack Russell Terrier Geoff.

Our favourite family holidays have been spent in Majorca, enjoying sunshine, beaches and tapas. What more do you need?


Year 5

Class 5 Mrs Matthews Assistant Head 

I have been at Newlands for the last six years – which is amazing as I was originally only meant to be here for five months supporting Y6 through SATs!  I loved it so much, I just had to stay! 

I have been teaching for 31 years – which is also amazing as I tell the children I am only 5 (but very advanced for my age).  In my time as a teacher, I have taught from Y2 to Y6.  I have loved teaching all of those different ages, but the older children in Y5/6 are my favourites – they have so much character and humour!  I am lucky enough to teach one of the Y5 classes now.  This is a fabulous year group to teach as they mature nicely as the year goes on.  I love seeing children develop into young adults.

In my role as Assistant Head, I am responsible for Y5/6, teaching and learning across the school, behaviour, assessment and data analysis, reading and anything else that comes my way.  I love variety so my job suits me very well.  I am also quite bossy and VERY organised and this definitely suits the many roles I have within school!

I am a really positive, supportive and encouraging person.  I try to encourage all of the children to believe in themselves.  No-one is allowed to be negative around me.  I firmly believe that we should all strive to be ‘The best Me that I can be’ and we certainly can’t be this when we are being negative and grumpy!  I also firmly believe that everyone can achieve and we should all have big aims to aspire too.  I want the very best for all of the children in our care and believe that the world is their oyster – they can be whatever they want to be!  Just aim high and achieve lots!

Away from school, I have three grown-up children and a Beagle called Brian (who is totally daft so suits our family down to the ground).  When we are not at home, my husband and I like to travel to as many places as we can.  Our favourite place to visit is Hawaii as it is just so relaxing and fantastic all at the same time!


Class 6 Mrs Boulton


I have been teaching at Newlands for the past 21 years and I have loved every minute. Over the years I have been fortunate to work with wonderful staff, children and families. Every day is a new adventure and our children never cease to make me smile. 
For many years I have been subject lead for Citizenship, Religious Education and more recently French. Citizenship is really important at Newlands, we are very proud of our values and aspirations and we encourage our children to always be the very best they can be. 
Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family, meeting up with friends and going out for food. I love to spend time at home reading and going on long walks with my very naughty husky, Bear.


Mrs Blockley

I have taught here at Newlands for almost 18 years and over the years I have taught all the year groups.  I now mix teaching part-time along with looking after my 3 young children. I have responsibility in school to look after the music curriculum, even though I can't sing and it's been a long time since I have played a musical instrument! I enjoy developing this subject within school though as it offers all children a chance to develop their own creativity and hopefully an enjoyment, or at least an appreciation, for a wide variety of music that will hopefully continue long after they have Newlands. 

Out of school, I love spending time with my friends and family 🙂 


                                           T.A. Miss Wild 

I have been a TA at Newlands for 19 and a 1/2 years. Year 5 is where you’ll find me. I am passionate about my role and aim to help every child develop academically, socially and to gain confidence in themselves. I also want every child to always feel included. 
My favourite subject is maths but I enjoy everything! 
Outside of school, I enjoy walking, reading, going out for meals, seeing family and friends and spending as much time as I can with my gorgeous grandsons. (I’m biased, of course) My Moto in life is ‘smile’ and my favourite poem goes like this, smiling is infectious, you can catch it like the flu...’ 


T.A. Miss Deakin 

I love being a teaching assistant at Newlands Junior School. I mostly work in year 5 which I love. 
I am passionate about helping the children become ready, both academically and mentally, for their next adventure at secondary school.
Whilst growing up, I spent a year at a school in Zambia (Africa) where I quickly learnt that everyone is different but we all deserve the same opportunities to grow and develop.
I’d like to think that the children in year 6 would describe me as slightly crazy but always there for them when they need me.
I love when I pass children who have already left Newlands and they’re not ‘too cool’ to say “Hi Miss, you’re still my favourite”

Cover teacher  Mr Emmerson 

Hi everyone! 
I started at Newlands as a TA about 10 years ago and am now a cover teacher, which means I get to work with all our wonderful children in all classes. I am really passionate about music, history and science and love teaching these subjects the most. As a former engineer, I love making and building things so I get to lead the DT after school club where we get to make all sorts of things which I think makes me the luckiest TA in the school.


Year 6

Class 7 Mrs Martin

I have been teaching at Newlands for over 30 years both in a full time and part time capacity. I have been fortunate to teach every year group, which has enabled me to see the development and progression of the children over the four years; something that I have really enjoyed. As the PE co-ordinator I promote physical activity, competition and fitness whenever I can, whether it be in PE lessons, active minutes or when competing against other schools. In my spare time, I enjoy being active by playing badminton, doing gardening and spending time with my family. Cake is another of my passions – both making it and eating it - so it is just as well that I lead an active life!


Class 8  Miss Coupe


I have been teaching now for ten years and time has flown by! I wanted to be a teacher ever since I watched Matilda as a child! I try to be like Miss Honey☺️ 
My favourite subjects are English and computing which is why I lead these subjects within school. Technology is everywhere in our lives and we use it daily so we have a responsibility to teach children how to use it safely and responsibly, ensuring they become mature, digital citizens. 

We aim to have pupils using IT in all areas of the curriculum to showcase their learning, to apply their skills and to be creators with technology rather than just consumers!

Outside of school, I enjoy keeping fit by running and walking my dog, seeing my family and friends and eating out at restaurants. 

My favourite day of the school year is sports day as I am very competitive and look forward to the teachers vs children relay race! I also look forward to our year 6 residential each year where the children and staff get to dive into lots of outdoor, adventurous activities that challenge us and give us new, exciting experiences.


T.A.  Mrs Gibbs

I arrived at Newlands just over a year ago but I’ve been a teaching assistant for about 7 years. Currently, you will find me in Team year 6!

 I’ve lived in the area on and off all my life and attended this school when I was younger (much younger!) Being a teaching assistant is not a job it’s a passion.

I love seeing the children blossom and I love being a part of that happening . My aim is to help our young people become confident and help them achieve their potential, through learning and having fun while learning!

I try my hardest to make sure learning is achieved, and enjoy supporting them and the teachers. My favourite subjects are maths and geography, everyday I learn something new along with our children! Outside of school I love spending time with my family and doing garden projects, also the odd series binge on Netflix ! I’m a big fan of darts and snooker and will watch it when ever I can! I’m a happy and outgoing person and will do anything to try make other people smile. My favourite food is cheesecake! Diet or no diet, I will eat it!


TA Mrs O'Gorman

This year I’m new to the school, however, I have been a TA for many years and am now part of the lovely Newlands Year 6 team.

Maths is my favourite subject.  The best part of my job is when a pupil has a ‘lightbulb’ moment and suddenly ’gets it’.

I enjoy French too – we have great fun trying to pronounce the vocabulary properly.

Primary school was one of the happiest times of my life so I will do everything I can to ensure our pupils have a wonderful experience at Newlands.  I like to treat everybody with kindness and respect.  It is a privilege to work with the wonderfully resilient children and caring staff. 

When I’m not at work, I love to read, knit and try out different crafts.  Last year I started Spanish lessons and hope to improve sometime soon!


Catch-up funding teacher  Miss Walters

I love working as a catch-up funding teacher at Newlands. I am lucky enough to get to work across all year groups. I am passionate about helping our students reach their full potential. I help some of our children, who may need a little extra support and run our after school booster groups in each year. Another part of my role is covering classes across all year groups. I have previously worked as a teacher and completed my first year of teaching in year 4 at Newlands. I have also worked as a supply teacher. 

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my friends and attending live music events. 


SEN T.A.  Mrs Smith

I have been a TA at Newlands for 20 years, which feels like forever. I have met lots of amazing children and their wonderful families- some past pupils even have young children themselves in our school now! I work in year 4, which I absolutely love. I am passionate about helping children to be the best they can be, both in & out of school. I love to show the children my ‘can do’ attitude, by trying my best and working hard with a smile on my face- which usually rubs off on them!

My favourite subject is history, I really enjoy learning about the past (even learning along with the children!) and find it fascinating how life has changed over time. 

Outside of school, I enjoy being with my wonderful family, going on adventures, reading & having fun! I’m a very happy person and love making people around me feel happy too!

 SEN, Pastoral Support, Play Leader  Mrs Jackson

I started my time at Newlands School as a Dinner lady. My love for sports and the connection I built with the children then led me onto my playleader position, which I still do now alongside being a Teaching Assistant and SEN support. This part of my role involves me working one to one with certain children who may need extra support, whether that be emotionally or academically. Many of the children feel like they can come to me and talk to me about their feelings, which makes my position so special and rewarding. 

My position as a playleader is so much fun! I go out every dinnertime and play different games with the children.  From football and tennis to skipping. I help them keep moving and make their playtimes as interactive as possible improving skills such as teamwork, hand-eye-coordination and leadership and igniting their competitive side in a positive way.  I love the work I do in this position as when I was younger, I played County Badminton for Notts and had the pleasure of competing in so many amazing places. Sports is a big passion of mine.

Being a florist by trade and having a love for colour, one of my most treasured jobs in Newlands is helping make our exciting wall displays and working creatively with the children. Engaging with creativity and creating a happy, fun, and safe school-life for the children is something that is of the upmost importance to me.

Having many roles and responsibilities at Newlands can be hard work, but it all feels worth it when I walk in and children come up to me, with their big smiles and say, “When will you be coming for me today Mrs Jackson?”


Learning Mentor, Pastoral Support, Play Leader  Mr Freeman

I’m so proud to work at Newlands! You could find me absolutely anywhere within the school premises (I’m the one that can wear PE kit all week!) 
I have many roles around the school. Some of my main roles include PE, active minutes, lunchtime activities, after school clubs and supporting children. 
My favourite subjects are PE and geography. I feel physical activity is more than just games. It is so important in our lives, it keeps us healthy, and also it develops life skills (such as winning/losing, teamwork, confidence and resilience) which we all need! 
Outside of school sport is my passion whether that’s playing, watching or coaching, it’s just fantastic to be apart of it. I’m currently learning how to speak Spanish, as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I also love travelling, I’ve been to some amazing places around Europe, and if I can sneak in a stadium tour and a game in, that’s even better!

Midday Supervisors

Senior Midday Supervisor Mrs Bailey
Midday Supervisor  
Mrs Craven

Midday Supervisor  Ms Salmon



Site Staff


Caretaker  Mr Purchase 

Cleaner  Mrs Sprigg