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Art intent, implementation and impact statement

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Year 3 Learning

We have mixed a range of colours to create lighter and darker shades for our Stone Age cave paintings. In the Stone Age topic we have also used charcoal to show clear features on a Stone Age person's face. We also looked at the artist Georgia O'Keefe and replicated her style of water colour painting of natural objects.  We then used a water colour wash to create a Bronze Age setting. Clay was used to re-create Beaker People pots as we researched the patterns they used on their own pottery. Within our Egyptian topic we have investigated different grades of pencils and identified them on pencil sketch of the famous ruler Cleopatra. 

Year 4 Learning

We have explored tessellation in Roman mosaics by investigating examples within the natural and man-made world. We then looked at original Roman mosaics and examined how they were a sign of wealth. We also investigated the use of illuminated texts within post-Roman Britain. Once we had researched, selected examples of and then created our own outlines of illuminated texts, we explored blending watercolours to create a clear, desired effect showing a range of depths of colour. 

Year 5 Learning

We have researched the famous artist Andy Warhol and discovered the style of repeated printing and contrasting colours. We then designed a printing stencil and printing pad to then replicate the patterns found in his work. We have also selected and created a range of different materials for the specific purpose of creating a collage. A mixed material collage was then created taking into account the 'Maya creation Story' as our inspiration. We have then researched the appearance of traditional Mayan masks and created our very own examples.  

Year 6 Learning

We have been revising specific shading techniques within a range of Victorian images including contouring, cross hatching and stippling. We then evaluated these techniques according their effectiveness for our own purposes. We then learned how to show the effect of light and shadow using the range of shading techniques within our own Victorian scene. The artwork of the Pre-Raphaelites was then explored as we evaluated the work of William Holman Hunt detailing the topic of their work and the nature in which they created their artwork. We have then used the technique of decoupage to create our own depiction of Victorian styled artwork.