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Year 5

The Scientific Adventures of Year 5 


What an incredible Science Week Year 5 have had! They have immersed themselves in the world of Science, developing a natural curiosity which supported their cultural capital. We ensured we gave Year 5 exciting opportunities and experiences by looking at the new Mars Perseverance Rover. 

Presenting the Mars Perseverance Rover 


We began our Science week exploring the Mars Perseverance Rover. This involves exploring the NASA website, observing and looking in detail at the Rover through a 3D model, watching various videos and other sources which show how the Perseverance Rover landed on Mars safely, despite it being the 'seven minutes of terror'. They used this knowledge to present the information in a creative form. Some made board games, whilst others chose booklets, trivia cards and posters. 

Our Enquiry (Fair and Comparative Testing) 


The Mars Perseverance Rover had a parachute to help it land safely on Mars as it was travelling at 950mph. We decided we should investigate 'Which is the best material to help the Perseverance Rover land safely on Mars?' 
The children created Apple Clips to explain their investigations. 

Video 1

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Video 2

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Video 3

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Could you survive on Mars? 

One enquiry wasn't enough for our Year 5 scientists this week and we were fascinated by Mars. Because of this, we explored whether we could survive on Mars. We discussed what a human needs to survive and then explored whether any of these would be an option on Mars. 

Lab Coat Designs 

As part of a whole-school project, Year 5 created a series of lab coats which answer the question- 'What does Science mean to me?' 

Cross Curricular P.E 

With our fabulous staff, the children took part in a physical activity which involved them trying to work out what the word was. The words were all based around the topic of space and the Mars Perseverance Rover. 

Building the Mars Perseverance Rover 

We were so excited by the Mars Perseverance Rover that we decided to take our learning even further and make our very own rover. We worked very hard to create these and had some fantastic help from Mr Emmerson.