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Science Club

During the Spring Term, Miss McKay our Science lead, launched a Science Club for members of Year 4 and Year 5. 


Her fellow scientists conducted many investigations, whilst exploring WOW activities which developed their curiosity about the natural world. 


Some of these fabulous investigations included: 

  • Who can make the strongest structure? How many building cubes can it hold?

  • Can we fit through a piece of paper? 

  • Does the size of the  gyrocopter effect how many times it spins or how long it takes to fall to the floor?

  • Which boat can hold the most building cubes?



AND the messiest, but most enjoyable of all- MAKING CORNFLOUR SLIME. 

Cornflour slime is also known as a Non-Newtonian liquid. This means it changes states between a solid and liquid depending on the pressure you apply. If you apply pressure to the mixture it will stiffen and become a solid, but leave this on your hands and it will melt away like ice cream!